Katie Price's Ex Insists They're Still Married Following Her Engagement Announcement

Personal trainer Kieran Hayler claims he and the British star haven't finalized their divorce despite her claims otherwise as she announces engagement to her new man.

AceShowbiz - Katie Price's ex-husband Kieran Hayler has insisted his divorce from the reality star isn't finalised yet.

The 34-year-old personal trainer says he is "technically" still married to the 42-year-old star - who announced her engagement to new man Carl Woods earlier this week - and finds it frustrating that Katie has been saying she is "free" from their marriage for a number of weeks when there is still paperwork to be done to confirm the end of their romance.

He said, "Our divorce hasn't been finalised. We are not divorced. We are technically still married. It went to court but it hasn't been finalised yet."

"There are still forms we have to fill out and there's the decree nisi that needs to go through that hasn't been approved yet so no, we are not divorced and I don't know why everyone keeps saying we are divorced when we're not. It's really annoying. Everyone keeps writing we're divorced, we're divorced, we're divorced, but I'm the one that's paying for it and put it through the courts and I should be in control of telling people when we are or aren't divorced and we are not divorced yet. Kate said it, which is very strange considering she's the respondent from the divorce. It's very strange that she's said we're divorced when we're not yet."

Kieran, who married the star in January 2013 - and has children Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with Katie - isn't worried about Katie's new engagement but he thinks it is a "bit weird" that she lied about their divorce.

Speaking to the Mail Online to air his frustrations, he explained, "Everyone always believes her with anything she says so I just left it, I didn't challenge her over it but I know the truth and now you know the truth. They can be engaged that's fine but to lie about being divorced is a bit weird. And I'm the one that's paying for it and getting it done so."

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