Stormzy Gets Branded 'Rude' for 'Ignoring' Vogue Williams
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In an episode of 'Spencer and Vogue' podcast, the 'Big For Your Boots' hitmaker is unraveled to be talking to the model's husband Spencer Matthews, without bothering to say hi to her.

AceShowbiz - British rapper Stormzy has come under fire from Irish model Vogue Williams after allegedly ignoring her while chatting to her husband during a recent night out.

Vogue and her man, reality TV regular Spencer Matthews, crossed paths with the superstar while he was eating a meal outside London restaurant Cecconi's, and although the beauty was excited to meet her rap idol, the "Big for Your Boots" hitmaker reportedly chose only to speak to the former "Made in Chelsea" cast member - and failed to even acknowledge the model.

Speaking on their podcast "Spencer & Vogue", Spencer revealed, "We're walking down the street and I notice Stormzy sat outside this amazing restaurant Cecconi's. I walked past him and we clock eyes and he's like, 'What's up man, how are you doing?' Gives me a big high five in front of all his crew and I was like, 'Yeah, things are good.' "

"He absolutely ignores Vogue. Vogue is like his biggest fan, [but] I didn't even bother introducing you because I was so delighted," Spencer confessed.

He went on to reveal how Vogue talks about Stormzy "morning, noon and night" and is constantly listening to his music, and admitted it was "rude" of him not to introduce his wife to get her involved in the conversation.

Sharing her disappointment about Stormzy's snub, Vogue said, "He's lost a fan. I actually used to love Stormzy, I used to buy his albums and everything... I think it was pretty rude, you're meant to say hi to people. I would never just say hi to someone's husband and just think to ignore [their wife]."

"It was rude, I'm saying it, I'm finished with Stormzy. The only person in this house who bought his albums and listened to him, I'm going to unfollow him [on social media] as well. It made me sick to my stomach."

She then decided Spencer was "the rude one," and branded him "a piece of s**t" as she speculated there may have been another reason for Stormzy's cold shoulder. "Stormzy probably fancied me and felt awkward," she quipped. "I'm going to slide into his DMs [direct messages] and see how I get on."

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