Oscar De La Hoya Trolled for Appearing High During Triller Broadcast

Coming out of his retirement to give commentary during the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren, the 48-year-old boxing legend looks erratic and slurs his words while live on air.

AceShowbiz - Oscar De La Hoya has found himself being roasted for an embarrassing return from retirement. The 48-year-old boxer, who will be back on the ring on July 3, appeared to be a bit off when he delivered erratic and incoherent speech during a live Triller Fight Club's broadcast.

After 13-year retirement from boxing, the 48-year-old was appointed to do commentary duty for the match between Jake Paul vs Ben Askren. Fans, however, noticed his strange attitude when he was on air on Saturday night, April 17, since he kept saying a bunch of nonsense and seemed to be high out of his mind.

Oscar was saying "baby" about a dozen times in the span of just 30 seconds and slurred many of his words. At one point, he said while live on air, "You can expect a f***ing real fight. A real fight. Whoever I pick to be my opponent. You bet your a** that I'm gonna be the best motherf****r out there."

"I always fought the very best, and I'm proud of that. And whoever it is, I've been retired for 14 years. But guess what I'm pick the very best," he continued mumbling. "I don't care who it is. I will fight until the end, I will bleed until the end. And I will go down to the end."

"Mike Tyson, I love you. Because you inspired me... at 56 years old... to make me think and make me know that I can do it. You looked great. You feel great. You were amazing," the Golden Boy boxer was also seen looking down at the camera and exclaimed.

Oscar's erratic speech and slurs have certainly caught the interest of many. Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Daniel Cormier tweeted, "He's not buzzing, Oscar De La Hoya is plastered!. This is the craziest event I've ever seen in my life. And I can't turn it off."

Daniel Cormier's Twitter

Daniel Cormier adresses Oscar De La Hoya's embarassing comentary on Twitter.

Daniel's post got many sharing their thoughts on Oscar's antics. "Can't believe I paid for this over ufc 4.24am lol but yeah I can't either lol the entertainment was awesome Oscar is off his nut," one wrote. Others expressed irritation by writing such comments as, "Oscar is making my ears bleed," "Oscar's commentary is so annoying. His voice is too high-pitched," and "Yes he is plastered for sure."

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