Dr. Dre Ordered to Get New Lawyer in His Divorce Case
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The hip-hop mogul's estranged wife Nicole Young scores a major victory in their ongoing divorce battle after a judge rules out his chosen divorce attorney Laura Wasser and his own personal lawyer Howard King.

AceShowbiz - Dr. Dre has to find new legal counsel in his ongoing divorce battle with Nicole Young. After a judge ruled out his chosen divorce attorney Laura Wasser and his own personal lawyer Howard King, the hip-hop mogul was ordered to get a new lawyer.

In court documents obtained by Page Six, it was stated that the 56-year-old rapper "is instructed to obtain counsel as soon as possible." The order came after Nicole and her attorney, Samantha Spector, claimed that Howard had previously acted as their family lawyer since their engagement. Howard also had a working relationship with Laura, who is currently representing Kim Kardashian.

This came after Dr. Dre was unveiled to have sought legalization of a single status amid the divorce. In documents obtained by TMZ, he claimed that his divorce battle with Nicole "has gotten to the point of no return" and blamed it on her "false allegations of domestic violence."

Elsewhere in the legal papers, the "Detox" spitter further accused his estranged wife of purposely "dragging her feet." He also claimed to have been trying to come to an agreement with her over their divorce since she submitted the divorce papers.

Dr. Dre previously refused Nicole's spousal support demand. However, he was said to have agreed to it after he suffered brain aneurysm in early January. He has given $2 million to her, which she could use to cover all expenses at her Malibu, California home.

Dr. Dre and Nicole were married for 24 years. After they split in March 2020, she filed for divorce from him in June 2020. She subsequently claimed she had been "forced" into signing their prenuptial agreement, and accused him of being abusive towards her before they tied the knot, as well as on the night of their 1996 wedding. He has shut down the claims and labelled them "appalling."

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