Bobby Shmurda's Fans Think His New GF Gives Transgender Vibe

After the 'Hot N***a' rapper's new girlfriend flaunts their romance on social media, people question the star's choice of woman as some claim that she's only chasing after his money.

AceShowbiz - Bobby Shmurda apparently didn't need a long time to find himself a new girlfriend following his prison release. Less than two months after gaining his freedom back, the rapper has been spotted with his new girlfriend.

Their relationship was brought into attention via his girl's social media post. On Tuesday, April 13, the blonde lady took to TikTok to share a video which appears to be taken at Bobby's place. Bobby's new girlfriend simply captioned the clip with "Papa," which is possibly her nickname for her.

At one point, the girl filmed herself while she was showering Bobby with kisses on his cheek. She also recorded the 26-year-old emcee while he was mouthing lyrics. It seems that he was hosting a get-together or some sort as they pair were joined by some of his male pals.

Details of their relationship and the identity of Bobby's girlfriend are currently unknown as the rapper himself has not confirmed their romance. However, social media users have been suspecting that Bobby is dating a trans woman, judging from her physical features.

"Is this a white mannnn tho ... that's what we're asking," a curious person wondered. Another straight forwardly asked, "Trans?" A third one inquired, "Did she use to be a he?" A fourth fan claimed, "Issa dude," while another likened Bobby's new girlfriend to YouTube personality Jeffrey Starr.

Some others questioned Bobby's choice of woman, believing that she's much older than him. "she looks like she 40 but she probably no more than 21," one pointed out. Another remarked, "Wait a minute now why should look so much older." An unimpressed fan added, "You survived prison to come home to a yt woman?"

Other critics claimed that Bobby's new girlfriend is only after his money, with one saying, "Y'all Karen's sure do know how to sniff out money. Y'all could've kept this." Another wrote, "Not surprised. She gonna run them pockets lol."

Bobby was released from Clinton Correctional Facility on February 23 after serving six years in prison for charges of conspiracy to murder, weapons possession and reckless endangerment. He was picked up by Quavo, who had earlier stated that he was "personally (gonna go) pick up Bobby Shmurda."

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