Wack 100 Trolls Bobby Shmurda Over His Rumored Sexuality in Response to His Threats of Violence

After the 'Hot N***a' rapper claimed that he would 'boom' the hip-hop manager in a rant against NBA YoungBoy, Wack responds by trying to match him up with a trans woman.

AceShowbiz - Wack 100 has trolled Bobby Shmurda after the rapper threatened violence against him. The hip-hop manager poked fun at the Miami spitter's rumored sexuality after the latter threatened to "boom" Wack and NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Responding to Bobby's threats of violence, Wack tried to link him up to a transgender woman named Naughty Nerd Ninja instead, which he claimed is to Bobby's liking. "@itsbobbyshmurda We have somebody to your liking. @naughtynerdninja is a open Transgender woman. Very respectful," he posted on Instagram along with pictures of Naughty.

"Come to the *100 emoji* show on @clubhouse and you can meet #Naughty," he continued in the caption. "Don't say I didn't look out for you !! WE KNOW WHAT U LIKE."

Wack followed up the post with an image of Bobby being photoshopped to make it as if he had a meeting with Naughty. "Well Guess it worked out … @naughtynerdninja & @itsbobbyshmurda came together. Hope he has a #Booming session #The100Ent Show," he captioned it. "#Salute to the management team @r_ann_b."

Wack's posts were in response to Bobby's rants in which he took aim at YoungBoy and Wack. During his heated back-and-forth with the Baton Rogue native, he said, "But when I catch y'all little n***as or DJ Akademiks, everybody, bro. Any n***a I catch like Wack [100], y'all can record this, I'm going to boom them on camera. On parole? I don't give a f**k. I'm gonna boom one of y'all n***as on camera. On my dead grandmother, n***a. The f**k is wrong with y'all n***as?"

After receiving a call from his parole officer, Bobby later retracted his previous statements, claiming in a goofy voice that he was just "playing." He said in a video posted to his Instagram page, "I'm just playing. I didn't do nothing to two people for the year. I was just playing, ok?" He added, "I was just trying to get some views. I ain't do nothing to nobody! Just how I be playing on the Instagrams!"

He went on apologizing to YoungBoy as he wrote in the caption, "Please I don't want no beef @nba_youngboy [crying face emojis]."

YoungBoy, for his part, has also responded to Bobby's remarks via his social media page before he deactivated it.

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