'Them' Star Shahadi Wright Joseph Would 'Love to Raid' Billie Eilish's Closet

The 15-year-old actress excitedly exclaims that she wishes to raid the 'No Time to Die' singer's closet because she always looks amazingly in style and 'has the cutest clothes'.

AceShowbiz - Just like many teenagers her age, "Them" star Shahadi Wright Joseph has someone she looks up to when it comes to style. In a new interview, the actress who voiced Young Nala in 2018's "The Lion King" named Billie Eilish as the person whose wardrobe she wanted to explore.

"I would love to raid [her] closet," the 15-year-old actress candidly told Page Six Style. She went on to praise the "Everything I Wanted" hitmaker for always looking great in her choices of attire. "She has the cutest clothes," she added.

The "Us" star continued spilling that she has been observing Billie's fashion style in many occasions. "I love all of her choices and I always feel like she looks amazing whenever she's on a red carpet or is at an event," she gushed. "She has a lot of range when it comes to tomboy [style] and femininity."

While looking up to Billie's style, Shahadi has her own skincare routine. "I use [custom skincare brand] Curology. Glossier is my favorite makeup brand," she shared. "I use a lot of ColourPop as well, but I usually only wear concealer and moisturizer with blush and mascara. That's usually my go-to for just going out."

During the chat, the NAACP Image Award winner noted that COVID-19 quarantine helped her to learn how to style her own hair. "I was doing a lot of protective styles in quarantine," she opened up. "I also learned how to do my own box braids. I really did appreciate that time. I got to learn more about what really helps me and my own personal beauty routine, so that was really great."

Even with her hectic shooting schedule to portray Ruby Lee Emory in Lena Waithe's new horror anthology series "Them", Shahadi is still aiming high in terms of her academic achievement. "My top schools right now are Yale, Howard and Spelman. I would major in theater and film," she stated.

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