Justin Long Turned Down Opportunity to Date Selma Blair

The 'Cruel Intention' actress cracks a joke about the 'He's Just Not That Into You' actor snubbing her despite the matchmaking attempt by her business manager.

AceShowbiz - Actor Justin Long once turned down the opportunity to date Selma Blair after a matchmaking attempt by the "Hellboy" star's business manager.

Selma shared the gossip via Instagram on Tuesday (06Apr21) when she reacted to video footage of Justin dressed in drag as her "Cruel Intentions" character Cecile Caldwell, as he recreated a scene all about her first oral sex experience opposite actress Sarah Ramos, who portrays Sarah Michelle Gellar's Kathryn Merteuil.

Alongside the video, created for Ramos' "Quarantscenes" Instagram series, in which she acts out famous scenes from her favourite films, Justin explained, "Sarah started doing these brilliant homage videos at the start of the quarantine that I really fell in love with."

"Long before I became a big @saraheramos fan, I was a fan of Cruel Intentions and @selmablair - so getting to play Selma IN Cruel Intentions WITH Sarah was the most fun way to pay tribute to these funny + talented ladies."

He went on to gush about how "great" Selma was in the 1999 cult classic, and his high praise didn't go unnoticed by the movie's star, who loved his take on Cecile.

"I am laughing and I love you and I see why you never would date me despite my business managers set up attempts years ago (sic)," Selma commented. "This makes up for it. Thank you dear Justin. Great work."

The "Jeepers Creepers" star, who previously dated Drew Barrymore, Amanda Seyfried, and Maggie Q, responded to Selma's remark by inviting her to appear on his audio series, "Life Is Short".

"Haha I just thought Al was being a Yenta (Yiddish word for a busybody)!" he wrote. "We can hash it out on the podcast."

Selma has yet to reply to the offer.

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