Tyrese Gibson 'Canceled' After Blasting Mom Over Her Drinking Issue in 'Verzuz' Comment

The 'Fast and Furious' actor expresses his excitement for the Isley Brother and Earth, Wind, and Fire's 'Verzuz' battle, writing in an Instagram comment that he appreciates the musicians while randomly criticizing his mom in the process.

AceShowbiz - Tyrese Gibson was among those who tuned into the Isley Brother and Earth, Wind & Fire's "Verzuz" battle on Easter evening. The "Fast & Furious" actor expressed his excitement by taking to the comment section of the episode, appreciating the musicians while randomly criticizing his mom in the process.

"Hate that my mother used to drink everyday - but SHE's the reason I know REAL MUSIC!" so Tyrese wrote. It might seem that the actor was trying to be funny with the alcohol joke, but some people were not happy with his remarks.

"how do we cancel Tyrese's account?? enough is enough," one Twitter user reacted. "Tyrese in the comments is sending me," said someone else, while another person added, "Tyrese using Verzuz as a free therapy session."

Another person commented, "Tyrese is that cousin you gotta warn everybody about when you bring him around. Y'all know the one." Someone alluded that the information about his mom's drinking problem was not necessary. "If we can get through just ONE #verzuz without Tyrese revealing some personal trauma...I would be so grateful," the person tweeted.

That aside, Tyrese is now a happy man after he introduced his new girlfriend Zelie Timothy following his split from his wife of four years, Samantha Lee. Taking to his social media account last March, the Roman Pearce depicter in the "Fast & Furious" films shared a video of him and Zlie getting intimate inside a club.

The video featured Tyrese smooking on some hookah. Meanwhile, Zelie, who was sitting next to him and wrapping her hand around him, leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. She then shared a picture of them holding hands in the car.

The PDA-filled posts arrived after Tyrese and Samantha confirmed their split in December 2020. "And at that point, I feel like when I do that and I know that God has tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Okay, Sam,' it's like, you know what? I did everything I could do. At this point, all I can do is trust God. All I can do is either trust God to either do whatever, whether to give me peace and proceed with my peace or continue to stay in this cycle with whatever person I'm dealing with at the time, whether it be a friendship or a relationship," Samantha wrote on Instagram at the time.

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