'The Voice' Recap: One Coach Uses His Save Right Away as the Battle Rounds Begin

A new episode of the long-running singing competition show marks the premiere of Battle Rounds in season 20, featuring singers going head-to-head before some of them advance to the Knockout Rounds.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" returned with a new episode on Tuesday, March 29. The episode marks the premiere of Battle Rounds in season 20, featuring singers going head-to-head before some of them advanced to the Knockout Rounds. During this round, each coach was given one steal and one save.

The first battle was between Team Kelly Clarkson's Ryleigh Modig and Gean Garcia. The pair took the stage to sing "POV" by Ariana Grande. Coach Blake Shelton commented, "If Kelly was here I would tell her, why did you pair these two together, it's awful, what is she doing." Kelsea Ballerini, who stepped in for Kelly as she was sick, was having a hard time to choose one between the amazing singers. Eventually, Riley won with John Legend and Nick Jonas hitting their buttons to steal Gene. Gene chose John.

The next singers to go head-to-head were Connor Christian and Aaron Konzelman from Team Blake. The two sang Waylon Jennings' "Ain't Living Long Like This". Nick gushed over Connor's "rasp" while he loved Aaron's "professional qualities." As for John, he said, "I really had a fun time listening to the whole thing." Coach Blake commented, "Aaron, I don't know how you manage to do anything else when you are so good at this. Connor, once you are in the zone, nobody can get you out of there." Blake eventually announced Connor as the winner and no one unfortunately stole Aaron.

Dana Monique and Devan Blake Jones from Team Nick then hit the stage to belt out "Stuck on U" by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Blake mentioned about Dana's "powerful" vocal. John added, "Devan, I really think you are a great vocalist, you have so much fire, my only concern is that there were a few accuracy issues when it came to the pitch. Dana, you looked natural up there, when it came to execution you were on point the whole time." Dana won the battle. However, Devan stayed on the competition as Nick decided to save him.

Battling next were Team John's Christine Cain and Pia Renee who sang Brandy's song "Baby". "I feel like I just watched a sass off. Both of you look amazing, you look like I have it together, I am ready to go, and I think as a woman in music it is important to know yourself like that and I see that in both of you as well and that is really amazing," Kelsea gushed. Meanwhile, Blake said, "Christine, you are such a good singer but at times I felt like you were so laid back and it goes to Pia and she explodes with these vocal moments that really hit the mark. For that reason, I think I would go with Pia." The winner of the battle was Pia and no one stole Christine.

Team Nick's Jose Figueroa Jr. and Awari were then up next, singing "You Say" by Lauren Daigle. "This is genuinely a tough decision Nick Jonas. I feel like your voice Jose was a little more fluid and a little more effortless. Awari I love how strong and solid your voice is. Nick, I might very slightly edge towards Awari and I'm not even sure about that, it's very close," John commented. Nick also called the duet "phenomenal." Eventually, Nick picked Jose as the winner of the battle. Awari was sent home as nobody hit their buttons.

The final battle that night was between Ethan Lively and Avery Robinson as they sang "Just Got Started Lovin' You" by James Otto. "I felt like it was inviting, the performance. This song did have that low note and I felt like Ethan has that robust low tone. It is amazing to me that Ethan is only seventeen. I think at this moment, Ethan did a little bit better, but this song played to his strengths," John raved. "Ethan, you made Nick half the man, you made him jealous. Avery, you came in high demand, you had all four coaches want you. I say you come alive up there," Blake added. After a tough decision, Ethan was named as the winner. As Avery was available to steal, Kelsea stole Avery on behalf of Kelly.

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