Wendy Williams Apologizes to Evelyn Lozada for 'Cash Register' Comment, Discusses Kevin Hunter
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The 'Basketball Wives' star appears on Wendy's TV show, on which they talk about how their feud started after Wendy called her and then-fiance Carl Crawford's son 'a cash register.'

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams and Evelyn Lozada have finally squashed their beef on TV show. The "Basketball Wives" star was invited to appear on Wendy's TV show, on which they talked about how their feud started after Wendy shaded her by referring to her and then-fiance Carl Crawford as "a cash register."

In the new episode, Wendy apologized to the TV star for the comment which prompted Evelyn to reveal that Wendy's ex-husband Kevin Hunter cheated on her at the time. "I wanted to apologize to you because I believe exactly what you said but let me start as to why Evelyn and I were in a fight and I didn't mean anything," the host said. "I just do hot topics."

"Evelyn was dating a baseball player, right? Named Carl Crawford. And when I was doing the story, I was just Wendy. I said, 'Hmm, a walking cash register. Cha-ching.' Something like that. And so your feelings were hurt by that and then you clapped back to me, saying a man I used to be involved with was in Miami at her shoe store with another woman. I totally didn't believe that because who does that?"

Evelyn then clarified that Kevin wasn't actually at the store. "He would have an assistant call and purchase the shoes for him. So he never came to the store. He would have someone else purchase the shoes but we knew who he was purchasing the shoes for," she explained.

As Wendy said that she's glad that they made up, Evelyn responded, "In all honesty and full transparency, it really did hit me like a ton of bricks. You know, I just had a baby. It took me 21 years to have this child… At the time, we were in Arizona and my family was in town. It not only hurt me, but my family was also like 'what the hell?' "

"I appreciate the apology, and I'm also sorry for handling that situation the way I did because I know that you have a son and I wasn't thinking about him with my comments," she said.

Prior to this, Wendy showed regrets for ignoring Evelyn's warning about her then-husband, from whom she filed divorce in April 2019. "Evelyn got right at me. She had that shoe store in Miami and she told me in no uncertain terms through another housewife--Evelyn wasn't invited on the show anymore and Evelyn was spreading this rumor that Kevin was with another girl that wasn't me clearly and was buying a pair of size not-11-and-a-half woman's shoe," Wendy told Andy Cohen back in February during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live".

She continued, "I want to apologize to Evelyn because she saw something that I didn't--I knew he was cheating at that time, but I didn't realize he was having the balls to actually go out and introduce her to his boys and take her on vacation."

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