Akbar V Accuses American Air of Racially Profiling Her While Flying First Class

In one of the videos that the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star shares on Instagram, a staff member can be heard asking her to show him her ID before inquiring, 'Is that your seat, ma'am?'

AceShowbiz - Akbar V didn't have the best experience when she flew with American Air. The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star documented a heated argument between her and a male flight attendant who seemingly questioned whether Akbar was really eligible sitting in the first class.

In one of the videos that Akbar shared on Instagram on Sunday, March 21, the staff member could be heard asking her to show him her ID. "Why do you need an ID? Is that a protocol?" Akbar asked. The staff then asked the TV star, "Is that your seat, ma'am?" to which Akbar responded, "This is my seat. I got booked to come up here." The staff asked her to be quiet, prompting Akbar to explain to other passengers, "He keeps bothering me."

"I gave this flight attendant all the information he still kept being very rude and disrespectful @americanair this is not acceptable this is very disgusting and disrespectful it's very very in call for i didnt do anything to be treated like this," Akbar captioned the video.

In another video, Akbar accused him of racially profiling her though he denied it. At one point, other passengers stood up for her. "@americanair this is what your flight attendant is doing i feel he's being very rude and racial profiling me and this not acceptable," she wrote in the caption.

The videos enraged people. "In order to get on the plane you have to show your boarding pass....what was the security issue? Did they question everyone in first class, did they ask for everyone’s boarding pass and id is the question at hand. Akbar was very polite and professional but the flight attendant had an apparent issue and continuously provoked her!" one person wrote in the comment section.

"He asked is that your seat -assuming she shouldn't be in first class... official complaint on his monkey ass @akbar__v," another person opined. "Wow, he was very rude! Why is he asking for ID? I thought they check all that at the damn gate," someone else added.

American Air has yet to comment on the accusations.

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