Jana Kramer Defends Decision to Get Breast Augmentation: I'm Choosing Myself

When celebrating International Women's Day, the former 'One Tree Hill' actress makes public her plan to go under the knife, and asks other women to support her instead of tearing her down.

AceShowbiz - Jana Kramer has defended her decision to get a breast augmentation and lift. When celebrating International Women's Day on Monday, March 8, the former "One Tree Hill" actress shared with her social media followers the real reason behind her plan to go under the knife, claiming that she is choosing herself.

Posting a selfie on Instagram, the 37-year-old began by admitting that she was hesitant in sharing the story due to fear of the reactions. Still, she went on to share, "After many years of consideratidon I have decided to get a breast augmentation and lift. I want to be open about WHY. First off, because 'I' want to. That right there should be enough, but I feel like I need to explain the 'I' part."

Elaborating further, the mother of 5-year-old Jolie and 2 year-old Jace revealed that she had "considered breast augmentation before but it was never for 'me.' " She explained, "With everything that happened in my marriage I thought I would be loved more, sexier, or quite frankly he would choose me. But the better part of me knew, that was a distraction."

To make matter worse, Jana claimed that having babies gave her "a new set of insecurities" with her body. "Things didn't go back to normal, and I carry a lot of embarrassment when I'm undressed," she dished, "I don't want to feel that way anymore. That was the 'click' that showed I should follow through. Before it was what I thought someone else wanted. Now it's simple. 'I' - and that's a very 'capital' 'I'."

The "Dancing with the Stars" alum then recalled being on the receiving end of body shaming when she was younger. "I've never had big boobs nor will I because that's not what I want, but a boy named Bobby M called me flat as a board in 8th grade and literally took his binder to show me what that looked like," she shared.

Near the end, Jana stressed, "Bottom line, I'm choosing myself, I'm choosing my size, I'm doing what's right for me. I know a woman's body is beautiful no matter what shape or size but I want this." She added, "So I just ask ya'll to celebrate this with me. I'm at a place where I feel empowered to do what I want."

"No one knows what's in another woman's head. Or, for that matter, under their shirt. So do what's right for you, and I'll celebrate with you, too," she concluded with a reminder to other women. "I have to say I'm quite nervous but I'm excited and I would love to share my journey with ya'll. &because it's #internationalwomensday I just ask you celebrate women instead of tear down. We all need support."

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