'The Voice' Recap: A Country Singer Earns Four-Chair Turn in Blind Auditions Part 3

After Jesse Desiyrcy's performance that unfortunately fails to make any coach turn their chair, Avery Roberson performs 'If You're Reading This' that earns him a four-chair turn.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" aired a new episode on Monday, March 8, featuring the third part of Blind Auditions. The coaches, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton and John Legend, were all focused to get brilliant singers on their team with Ryleigh Modig kicking it off with a performance of Billie Eilish's "When the Party's Over".

Kelly and Nick were impressed as they turned their chair for the 18-year-old singer. "You got to sing those runs. I don't coach nerves well, but you don't come across as nervous, you kind of got lost in your character and it was unbelievable. I think you are really cool. I specialize in winning," Kelly raved. Ryleigh went to Team Kelly.

The next singer was 37-year-old Pia Renee from Chicago. She opted to sing "Master Blaster (Jammin)" and John hit his button with Blake following it up. "America needs to hear someone like you, with so much energy and so much so soul, we are all fortunate that you graced us with your presence so it would be a lot of fun to work with you," said John. Pia chose John to be her coach.

Singing "Gravity" was Andrew Marshall from Bedford, Massachusetts. Nick was the only one who turned his chair for Andrew, so the latter automatically went to Team Nick. Up next was Emma Caroline from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The country singer hit the stage to sing "Slow Burn", prompting Kelly and Blake to turn their chair. Rather unsurprisingly, Emma went with Team Blake.

James Tutson from Iowa City, Iowa then performed "Beyond", but unfortunately no one turned for him. Later, Ciana Pelekai hit the stage to sing "Dance Monkey". John and Nick turned, but John blocked Nick so Ciana went to Team John. "I love how long it took Nick to realize that I blocked him. I was thoroughly impressed by your performance, a cool tone, and a good sense of rhythm, charism. This is the moment to get back at Nick," John explained.

Jose Figeruoa Jr. also made John and Nick turn their chair after singing "At This Moment". "Jose, you were unbelievable on that stage. I cannot have you pick John Legend, it will not happen, it will break my heart and I will not sleep tonight," Nick tried to pitch to Jose to pick him as his coach, and it worked. Following it up was Halley Greg from Seattle, Washington, singing "I'm Like a Bird". Kelly was the only coach to hit her button so Halley went to Team Kelly.

As for Durell Anthony, he caught John and Kelly's attention after performing "What's Going On". Kelly said that she loved his voice, while John praised him for the "beautiful rendition." Durell went with Team John. After Jesse Desiyrcy's performance that unfortunately failed to make any coach turn their chair, Avery Roberson performed "If You're Reading This" and he earned a four-chair turn.

Everyone wanted Avery to be on their respective team as Nick said, "I think it is bizarre that every time we have a country artist come out here, you say the same thing, Blake." Kelly added, "I thought it was quite remarkable that you didn't do what people expect to do to get four-chair turns, you kept it you, it was beautiful and intimate. I have won this show with a male country singer, I grew up on country music, you are going to do well." Despite that, Avery chose Team Blake.

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