Gabrielle Union Wanted to Kill Herself After 'Stupid' Fight With Husband Dwyane Wade
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The former 'America's Got Talent' judge opens up about her mental health struggles, claiming she contemplated suicide following a row with her husband late last year.

AceShowbiz - Gabrielle Union turned to therapy at the end of last year (20) after she found herself considering suicide following a row with her husband.

The "Bring It On" star recognised her symptoms as signs of perimenopause, which can cause hormonal disruptions, and immediately reached out for help.

Taking part in Gwyneth Paltrow's In Goop Health virtual summit, which launched over the weekend (06-07Mar21), Union said, "I fell into something so dark in December that it scared me. I had a stupid argument with D (Dwyane Wade), and instead of my usual problem-solving... that little inner voice said, 'He's never going to get it unless you're dead.' "

"Only because I've been in therapy for half my life that I was like, 'No, I don't know who is talking now, it's not my intuition' (sic). I was able to get through it with talk therapy and diving into how I can regulate my hormones... Luckily, I was at home and I alerted everyone."

Gabrielle admitted she started seeing signs that she needed help months before, adding, "I thought I was losing my mind. I thought I had early onset dementia, Alzheimer's."

"I gained 20 pounds overnight of water retention, inflammation. (It was) bizarre. I couldn't think. Now, when I have to public speak in the last few months, I'm so anxious, because I'm like, 'Am I going to remember words...?' "

"Separating the symptoms from who you really are... to say that it's a challenge, I don't think I really have the words... to describe what these last few months have been (like)."

Union went on to explain she has become adept at tackling "catastrophic events" in her life ever since she was raped at gunpoint while working in a shoe store.

"I've had so many rock bottom moments as an adult, starting with being raped at 19 at gunpoint at my job," she told Gwyneth. "It just felt like every so many years there was some major catastrophic event that was happening in my life. It lands you on your a** and you're like, 'There's no way I can move on from this, I'll never recover, I'll never be the same.' "

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