Nick Jonas Writes New Album After Feeling 'Disconnected' From Priyanka Chopra

In a revealing new interview, the Jonas Brothers star says his new single 'Spaceman' and the upcoming album of the same name are inspired by the moment when he was 'missing' his actress wife.

AceShowbiz - Nick Jonas has gotten candid about the inspiration behind his new music. When making a virtual appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", the Jonas Brothers star revealed that he wrote new single "Spaceman" and an upcoming album of the same name after feeling "disconnected" from wife Priyanka Chopra.

The 28-year-old opened up about his new solo project in the Tuesday, March 2 episode of Jimmy Fallon's late night show. "I sort of started writing this record back in July," he began sharing. "My wife was over in Germany finishing up this little movie called '[The Matrix 4]' and I was like, 'You know, I feel very disconnected from the world, first of all, and now my person.' "

"And I just dug in writing with Greg Kurstin and Mozella. Within a couple days, I was like, 'Oh, this is a solo album.' And a few days later I was like, 'This is a kind of themed album,' " he further shared. "You know, giving this idea that we've all had this year now."

"This year of being disconnected from reality, disconnected from the world, feeling like we're on our own planet and obviously missing her at that time as well and reconnecting with her," the younger brother of Joe Jonas added. "And then the main theme from this album, more than anything, is just about hopefulness for the future and seeing a brighter day ahead."

Before his appearance on "The Tonight Show", Nick disclosed that most of the songs in his upcoming album were his "love letters" to Priyanka. In a February interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, he noted, "Most of the songs are pretty much just love letters, which when I can't articulate the way I feel with my words with no music, I go to the studio... And I'm grateful to have that because it makes her happy, and that's most important."

The "Sucker" singer had also discussed the concept of the album. "I think the key for me was trying to find a way to give this idea a persona, give it a name. So 'Spaceman' came into my mind because I was thinking, 'What's the one thing that all of us have felt during this time?' It's just completely disconnected from the world," he explained.

"We've gotten so accustomed to looking at a screen instead of human interaction, and I think the thing that keeps us all encouraged and hopeful is just the idea of knowing that there will be a tomorrow when this isn't our reality, and I think the body of work as a whole tracks that," he went on explaining.

"But it felt like the right thing to start with 'Spaceman' because it is such a stark visual and creative idea to then start the conversation of songs like 'This Is Heaven,' which I'm really excited about," he added. "It touches on some of the things I did with 'Jealous' and tracks like that. But in a new way, and just trying to continue to get better and evolve every day, push myself."

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