Rob Schneider's Daughter Elle King Pregnant With First Child

The 'Ex's and Oh's' star describes her pregnancy as a miracle as she struggled with infertility issues in the past following two heartbreaking miscarriages.

AceShowbiz - Comedian Rob Schneider is set to become a grandfather - his singer daughter Elle King is pregnant.

The baby will be the "Ex's & Oh's" star's first with her fiance Dan Tooker, and the mother-to-be reveals her pregnancy has been such a "miracle" after suffering from infertility issues and two previous miscarriages as a result of her struggle with polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes a hormonal imbalance.

"This is something that I have not only wanted since I could remember, but it's something that I have struggled with for a really long time," she told People magazine. "Every single day of this pregnancy is such a miracle."

King added of her previous baby losses, "It's such a major thing that so many people go through, but it's so secretive - like you have to go through it alone."

"Nobody talks about it. It's like you're supposed to feel shame; like you're not supposed to tell people before 12 weeks, because if you lose it, it's going to be embarrassing for you and you don't want other people to get their hopes up."

The musician discovered she was expecting on Christmas Day (25Dec20) after previously visiting a fertility specialist to help track her ovulation, and she decided to share her happy news with her loved ones as soon as she found out because she knew, if tragedy struck again, she would need her support team to rally around her.

"I'm going to need my family and the people that love me to say, 'It's OK,' " she reasoned.

However, King, who relocated from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, New Mexico last year (20), is "learning to be happy" for herself, adding, "There's a lot of anxiety around it, but it's also very exciting."

The couple has decided to follow the advice of King's dad and wait until the baby's arrival to discover if it's a boy or girl, and she will have some extra special support from her mother, former model London King, as she now works as a doula.

"My mother in a natural world would never take me on as a client," King said. "I'm very high maintenance. My needs are very high. But my mum is so wonderful. I mean, with every little thing I feel, whether I think it's movement or something, I'm like, 'Mum, is this normal?' And she just takes all of it. She's so helpful, and she's so knowledgeable."

King and tattoo artist Tooker became engaged in October.

She was previously married to Andrew Ferguson, and in 2019, was briefly engaged to a boyfriend named Jim.

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