Directed by Zack Snyder, the upcoming original Netflix movie is described as 'a full-blown, balls-to-the-wall zombie heist movie' that offers 'genre-on-genre in a great way.'

AceShowbiz - There have been a bunch of zombie apocalypse movies and TV series, but "Army of the Dead" appears to offer a different take on the horror story. The first official teaser trailer for the upcoming film has been released by Netflix, giving a glimpse of somewhat glamorous setting amid epic chaotic scenes.

According to the official logline, the movie is about a group of mercenaries who take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.

The sneak-peek video hints that the story takes place at the beginning of the zombie outbreak, as there's still a sense of normality left before a horde of zombies attacks people at the casino. The glam look of gamblers and entertainers soon turns into a war zone as there are huge explosions and shots coming from everywhere.

From Zack Snyder, the man behind "Man of Steel", "Dawn of the Dead" and the upcoming "Zack Snyder's Justice League", "Army of the Dead" is described as a zombie heist film. It stars Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, Matthias Schweighofer, Nora Arnezeder, Hiroyuki Sanada, Raul Castillo, Michael Cassidy and Garret Dillahunt among others, with the screenplay being written by Snyder, Shay Hatten and Joby Harold.

"It is a full-blown, balls-to-the-wall zombie heist movie, so it's genre-on-genre in a great way," Snyder recently told Entertainment Weekly of the movie. "So you expect pure zombie mayhem, and you get that, 100 percent. But also you get these really amazing characters on a fantastic journey. It's going to surprise people that there's a lot of warmth and real emotion with these great characters."

The project was initially developed at Warner Bros., which passed on it before it's picked up Netflix. The streamer has shown a vote of confidence in "Army of the Dead", as it is set to produce "Army of the Dead: The Prequel", a German-American co-production directed and starring Matthias Schweighofer. It is also planning on developing an anime-style TV series, "Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas", which will see several of the characters from the main film reprising their roles.

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