Priyanka Chopra 'Really Digging Deep' for Her Memoir
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The wife of Nick Jonas finds writing her tell-all book 'Unfinished' to be 'very cathartic' and 'almost healing' because of 'the ability to really dig deep' for the tome.

AceShowbiz - Priyanka Chopra found writing her memoir to be "cathartic."

The actress - who is married to Nick Jonas - admits to having lived a "crazy" life, but she relished the experience of recalling her career highs and lows for her new memoir, "Unfinished".

"It was something I was afraid of, something I wanted to attempt, honestly," she told the BBC. "For me, it was very cathartic, almost healing. I've had such a crazy sort of life - you know, multiple continents that I work on that when I was home for six months, I had the ability to really dig deep and think about what I was writing and the tone I wanted."

Priyanka - who was born in India but now lives in the U.S. - has enjoyed success in Bollywood and Hollywood during her career.

But the actress still struggles to comprehend what she's achieved.

"It doesn't feel real. I'm just a girl who goes to work doing my job," she smiled. "It's not an easy job, being in the public eye, especially as a performing artist."

"It's very hard because it's difficult for people to bifurcate that there's a human being and this is an actor and they're acting, and then there's a person, and you kind of become fodder, very often. And having done it for 20 years now I've kind of made peace with that but it's not easy to do."

The actress previously said she had worked on the tell-all book for two years. "It seems like the right time to introspect on my life, that was my reason for writing the book," she explained. "And I think I cursed it when I called it Unfinished, because it took me two years to finish it!"

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