Panic At The Disco's Original Bassist Gets Charged With Drugs and Gun Possession

Brent Wilson, who was replaced by Jon Walker in 2006, has a run in with the law after being pulled over in Las Vegas for crossing 3 lanes of traffic without a turn signal.

AceShowbiz - Brent Wilson has found himself in serious trouble with the law. Over one decade after getting kicked out of Panic At The Disco, the pop rock band's original bassist made headlines as he faced multiple felonies for drugs and possession of a gun.

The 33-year-old musician got arrested on January 22 in Sin City. A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report over the incident, which was uncovered by TMZ, detailed that he was initially pulled over for crossing three lanes of traffic without a turn signal and cutting off oncoming traffic.

After Brent was stopped, an officer noticed there was an open bag of a white substance sitting out in his center console. Upon further inspection, the cops found "substances consistent with coke and heroin in his pockets and in the car." They also discovered "a scale and a lot of little baggies" in addition to loaded handgun.

Since he was on probation for a prior offense, Brent was booked into jail. He then got slapped with charges of possession with intent to sell and possession of a gun by a prohibited person. Despite the situation, his attorney Dustin Marcello insisted to TMZ that "it's too early to make a call on the merits of the case."

Brent parted ways with Panic! back in 2006 over what was deemed as his lack of responsibility. He got replaced by Jon Walker. The split, however, got messy when Brent threw accusation at his former bandmates. "I was kicked out of the band," he told MTV. "It was 100 percent a surprise to me."

"We were about to leave for a show in California, and they called me the night before and told me I was out of the band," he elaborated. "The only reason they gave was that it was for 'musical purposes.' Everything was good and fine, we had just gotten back from a tour in Europe, and there had been no previous conversations about anyone leaving the band. I don't know why they chose me."

Brent went on to fume, "The [story] they told you made me really angry, because they said the matter was discussed as a band, and it wasn't discussed at all." He added, "It was done as a phone call and the only person who spoke was [drummer] Spencer [Smith]. Apparently [frontman] Brendon [Urie] and Ryan were on the speakerphone too, but they didn't say a word. They never even said they were sorry."

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