Paul Feig's Universal Monster Movie 'Dark Army' in Limbo Due to Financial Issues

The 'Ghostbusters' filmmaker reveals in a new interview that his Universal monster movie has been put on hold because it's 'a little bit too expensive' for the studio.

AceShowbiz - Paul Feig has hinted development on his monster movie "Dark Army" has been delayed as it a "little too expensive."

The 58-year-old director has been tapped to direct the Universal monster movie but suggested the studio are hesitant about the project due to its costly nature - although he confirmed he's desperate to get the movie on the big screen.

Paul said, "Oh, Dark Army. I love that project so much. I think the studio thinks it's a little bit too expensive, perhaps."

"God as my witness, I'm gonna make that movie. I'm so obsessed with making that movie."

Paul is also set to direct the Netflix film "The School for Good and Evil" and believes the project will help him prepare for "Dark Army".

He told the website Collider, "One of the many reasons why I was drawn to doing this current Netflix (movie) is that there's a lot of stuff I can work out in it, as far as effects and all that, that I can bring to Dark Army."

The "Last Christmas" filmmaker added that "Dark Army" is one of his "favourite" projects.

Paul said, "I love it. It's one of my favourite things I've ever written. It's one of my favourite lead characters I've ever come up with. So, fingers crossed that we will make it someday."

Feig previously suggested that he hoped to recreate elements of classic Frankenstein and Dracula films with the flick.

He said, "It's going to be fun and scary but just like the old Frankenstein and Dracula movies."

Paul has directed a variety of films, from "Bridesmaids" to "Ghostbusters", and admitted that he is proud that he is "racking up" the genres.

He said, "I'm stacking up the genres. What's next, musicals?"

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