The 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' actor is officially off the market as the 38-year-old star reveals in a new podcast interview that he has quietly tied the knot.

AceShowbiz - Riz Ahmed is married.

The "Rogue One" star quietly tied the knot last year (20).

The 38 year old told the "Grounded With Louis Theroux" podcast, "I think it's the first time I've ever mentioned it in an interview. So, congratulations on this incredibly exciting scoop. I guess I don't feel like it's that necessary to go, 'Hey, here's everything that's happening in my life!' "

"I mean, I guess I don't really feel it's generally that relevant, so I don't really delve into my personal life or my dating history or even family life much."

The "Sound of Metal" star revealed he only went public about his uncle and aunt's deaths in 2020 because he felt people weren't taking COVID seriously.

"I felt like talking about it and saying, 'Hey look, this is a real thing, it’s affected me and my family,' " he added. "You know, talking about it, a spoken word piece that touched on that as well."

Ahmed's marriage news comes amid Oscars buzz for the actor after winning a handful of top prizes for his performance as a deaf drummer in "Sound of Metal" - he picked up another Best Actor honour at the Gotham Awards on Monday night (11Jan20) and is now an Academy Awards frontrunner.

The actor additionally received nomination at the Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Florida Film Critics Circle Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and National Society of Film Critics.

For the role, Ahmed was fitted with inverted hearing aids, which emitted white noise. "They would block out all noise to an extent where I couldn't hear myself," he revealed.

He also studied deaf people, "I did learn that dinner time with a deaf family is very loud if you're a hearing person because of people banging on tables to get attention for that vibrational communication across the dinner table."

"I hope this film opens people's eyes to some beautiful aspects of deaf culture."

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