Elisabeth Rohm Lands Lead Role in Sandy Hook Massacre TV Movie

The former 'Law and Order' actress has been tapped to portray a mother heartbroken by the loss of her son in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre back in 2012.

AceShowbiz - Actress Elisabeth Rohm is set to portray a heartbroken mother searching for hope after losing her son in the Sandy Hook massacre in a new TV movie.

The former "Law & Order" star will also direct and executive produce the project, based on Scarlett Lewis' memoir, "Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother's Journey Of Hope and Forgiveness", reports Deadline.com.

The film will follow Lewis' journey of love and survival after the unimaginable death of her boy Jesse, who was one of 20 children killed by a lone gunman in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut in 2012. Six adults were also slaughtered in the tragedy.

Jesse is said to have helped save the lives of nine other kids after shouting to his fellow students to run, when the gunman's weapon temporarily jammed as he entered their classroom, and his bravery, along with the message of "Norurting Helin Love" (Nurturing Healing Love), which he had scrawled on the family's kitchen chalkboard days before his death, inspired Lewis as she embarked on the heartbreaking new chapter of her life.

In a statement announcing the project, Lewis said, "I'm very excited about this partnership and even more elated to spread my beloved son's message of courage. We all have the capacity for the courage Jesse showed on that day. It's the courage to be kind and gentle, to do the right thing, to forgive, to step outside of our own pain. That's the courage to choose love."

The film is the latest on Rohm's slate - she will make her directorial debut with "Girl in the Basement", another movie inspired by real-life events of a woman imprisoned in her family home.

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