The 60-year-old member of the Public Enemy has always pushed himself to be more creative with his music and never cried if his experiments in sound don't work.

AceShowbiz - Chuck D has no qualms about pushing himself musically, insisting he'll never "cry" about sound experiments that don't work.

The Public Enemy star opened up about his lengthy career in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and said that, while he's happy to be more experimental with his music, it's another story with his fashion choices.

"Well, you know what you are, and you know you're not," he mused. "You know your abilities and you know your limitations. I wouldn't mind trying something that might end up with an ugly result, or I would fail at."

"Part of Public Enemy's mantra is, try something, never repeat yourself, but try something that might be crazy. I could live to regret, for example, if I wore some wack-a*s s**t. But experiments in sound? If it doesn't work, I won't cry about it."

Despite being 60 years old, Chuck D remains one of the most popular artists in the rap industry. But when it comes to who he looks up to himself, Ice-T, with whom he collaborated on "Smash the Crowd", is at the top of his list.

"Well, Ice-T is in rare air. I think when Ice first recorded that song (in 2017), he was the only 60-year-old MC out. I mean, there's Wonder Mike from Rapper's Delight but he hasn't done any new recording. I always tell him, you're the ice-breaker for us to follow," he smiled.

Chuck D and bandmate Flavor Flav recently returned to Def Jam Recordings, the fabled label with which they first found fame.

They signed a new contract with company bosses to release their new album "What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down", more than two decades after parting ways with the label.

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