Olivia Jade Teases YouTube Return After Mom Lori Loughlin Was Released From Prison
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The 21-year-old social media influencer makes the revelation TikTok as she responds to a fan who writes to her, 'Please post again on YouTube I love watching your videos!!!'

AceShowbiz - Olivia Jade's life is starting to get back to normal now that her mom Lori Loughlin was released from prison following college admission scandal. Just one day after the release, the 21-year-old model and social media personality teased her return to YouTube.

She made the revelation on TikTok on Wednesday, December 30 as she responded to a fan who wrote to her, "Please post again on YouTube I love watching your videos!!!" Olivia then replied in a video, "Ok I will. I guess I will come back to YouTub. What! Ahh!"

Additionally, she expressed grateful to fans for the nice messages. "Comments like this actually make my day and I just am really grateful," she said in the post.

Olivia took hiatus from YouTube after her mom and dad Mossimo Giannulli were exposed for participating in the nationwide college admissions scandal in 2019. She first addressed the matter in a YouTube video in December of the year, saying, "Obviously, I've been gone for a really long time and as much as I wish I could talk about all of this, it's really hard for me to say this, just because I know that it's something that needs to be addressed."

"I didn't know exactly when I should come back to YouTube, but the reason for that is just because I'm legally not allowed to speak on anything going on right now. I genuinely miss filming," she said, admitting that she "debated" for months whether there was any point in coming back.

A few days ago, Olivia addressed the controversy in detail for the first time in a candid interview on Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" series. "It's been hard. I think for anybody, no matter what the situation is, you don't want to see your parents go to prison, but also I think it's necessary for us to move on and move forward," she said.

"I'm not trying to victimize myself. I don't want pity - I don't deserve pity. We messed up," Olivia continued. "I just want a second chance to be like, 'I recognise I messed up'. I never got to say, 'I'm really sorry that this happened', or 'I really own that this was a big mess-up on everybody's part', but I think everybody feels that way in my family right now."

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