Woman Accusing Keyon Harrold's Teen Son of Theft Insists She Tries Hard to Always Do Right Thing

In a video that has since gone viral, the 22-year-old woman dubbed 'SoHo Karen' could be seen claiming that the Jazz trumpeter's 14-year-old son stole her 'lost' iPhone.

AceShowbiz - The woman who has wrongly accused Keyon Harrold's teen son of stealing her phone in a New York City hotel has broken her silence. One day before the Jazz trumpeter held a press conference over the December 26 incident, "SoHo Karen" insisted that what happened in the viral video did not represent who she is.

The 22-year-old spoke to CNN about the altercation on Tuesday, December 29. During the 20-minute phone interview, she shared a bit about her side of the story. She alleged that the incident caught on tape happened after she demanded to see surveillance video to find the person taking her iPhone. Before she confronted Keyon Harrold Jr., she had asked someone else to "empty their pocket."

CNN noted that the women was rambling at times when recounting the incident, and reported that she offered information about events preceding and unrelated to the incident. She additionally maintained that she was assaulted during the fallout. Her account, however, has not been corroborated by investigators.

During the interview, the woman admitted that she worried that she could be facing charges as the result of the incident. When asked about her portrayal in the footage that has since gone viral, she stressed, "That's not who I am. I actually ... try very hard to make sure that I am always doing the right thing."

"SoHo Karen" further stated that she is willing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation and is open to talking to the Harrolds. Still, she noted that she has yet to hear anything from the NYPD. CNN additionally noted that the outlet's phone calls and text messages were not returned after she promised to provide evidence supporting her assault claim.

On Wednesday, December 30, Keyon was joined by civil rights attorney Ben Crump and the Rev. Al Sharpton in speaking to the press during a rally near the steps of New York's City Hall. "I want my son to grow up whole. That's all we want," he said. "And I can't even come downstairs in New York City ... and just go get brunch without being attacked and wrongfully accused of something."

His son's mother, Kat Rodriguez, also weighed in on the incident. "This fight is not only for our son. It's for all of our sons and daughters," the musician and teacher emotionally declared. "If we were a family that didn't have these connections ... if I was a maid, this story wouldn't have hit the news. What about those people that don't get to get heard?"

"All that we are asking is for the police to do the right thing, for the DA to do the right thing, to charge this woman with assault of a minor," she called officials to take actions. "To the hotel, which I'm equally angry at, you are trained to use those tools. I called the hotel right after it happened, and I gave them a chance to make it right, and they didn't."

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