Khia Dragged for Mocking Mariah Carey's Signature High Notes

In a new episode of her online 'Gag Order' series, the 'My Neck, My Back (Lick It)' hitmaker, who was born Khia Shamone Chambers, is seen trying to mimicking Mariah's signature high note.

AceShowbiz - Khia is making headlines for yet another controversial remark. This time, it is because she's attacking Grammy Award-winning songstress Mariah Carey as she makes fun of her recent singing ability.

In a new episode of her online "Gag Order" series, Khia, who was born Khia Shamone Chambers, was seen trying to mimicking Mariah's signature high note. The Philadephia-born artist went on to joke that Mariah is no longer able to reach those notes despite trying.

"I said Mariah girl...Ms. Mariah girl," she said mockingly. "Then I'm like, tap that ear girl, tap that ear, the mic is right girl it's them notes!" she added, before singing Mariah's 90s hit "Make It Happen" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

While Mariah has yet to respond to the shade, some fans jumped into her defense. Slamming Khia, one person wrote, "Girl shut up already, Mariah does that because of feedback in her ear. Learn about music and singing live." Another fan added, "It was no truth what she said , if you did your research last couple Mariah has been slaying vocally . Most talking s**t never been to her concerts."

"What she need to is focus on bashing them people of Love and Hip Hop and try to get another hit so she can get out that imitation a** RV van before she fix her mouth to come for the Queen of the Charts that she ain't been on in decades...," one person suggested. Meanwhile, another user claimed that this was the "reason why Janet Jackson never worked with Khia again... She simply has no respect for the legends."

Prior to this, Khia was under fire for accusing Tamar Braxton of faking her suicide attempt or as she called it, faking her "death." In the Monday, August 3 episode of "Gag Order", the "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" hitmaker claimed that the "Braxton Family Values" star faked her "death" to get released of her contract with We TV. Additionally, Khia blasted the Braxton family, "who never gives back to the community but always wants out support."

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