Lil Pump Gets Banned From Flying With JetBlue Ever Again Over Refusal to Wear Mask

The 'Gucci Gang' hitmaker has reportedly become unruly and verbally abusive with crew members while aboard a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles, California

AceShowbiz - Lil Pump will no longer be able to fly with JetBlue AirWays. The "Gucci Gang" hitmaker got banned from traveling with the airlines ever again after he got accused of refusing to wear a mask while on board of a flight.

Offering more details of the 20-year-old's prohibition was TMZ. On Monday, December 28, a representative for JetBlue told the outlet that he became unruly and verbally abusive with crew members while aboard a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles, California. It was noted that he refused to wear his mask.

Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, was said to have taken his mask off in the middle of the flight. When requested to put it back on, he insisted against it. He was also said to later cough and sneeze into a blanket which were claimed to be done on purpose.

Due to Pump's behavior, the airline reportedly called LAX Airport police to be on standby. Though so, the "D Rose" spitter apparently did not get arrested since cops told TMZ that they had no record of an arrest or incident involving the MC.

JetBlue also released a statement to XXL that one of their customers was "no longer welcome" to fly with them. "On Dec. 27, a customer flying from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles became verbally abusive with crew members after being asked multiple times and refusing to comply with JetBlue's face covering policy," a representative stated.

"Law enforcement was asked to meet the flight to assist our crew members in notifying the customer his return reservation was canceled and he is no longer welcome to fly on JetBlue," the rep added. "The safety of all customers and crew members is JetBlue's first priority. Our policy requires all customers 2 years [old] and older wear a face covering throughout their journey."

As for Pump, he later took to Instagram Story to slam JetBlue. "F**k JetBlue, f**k everybody that work in there, n***a," he scolded. "Y'all b***hes some bums. All 2020-21, I ain't wearing no mask, I ain't gotta wear no f**king mask b***h, Corona's fake. Bye." He has since deleted the post.

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