Luke Bryan Reveals Christmas Gift That Brought Him to Tears

The 'Tailgates and Tanlines' singer recalls receiving the best Christmas gift from his wife and father, claiming the surprise present brought him to tears.

AceShowbiz - Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, brought him to tears one Christmas Eve when she handed him the keys to a pickup truck that had belonged to his late brother.

Chris died in a car accident when the singer was 19 and Luke was floored when his wife and his dad tracked down the truck in Louisiana and surprised him with it.

Bryan recently shared the story in an Instagram video, titled "Luke Bryan: Best Christmas Present", stating, "The best Christmas present I have ever gotten - and will ever get - was when my wife, Caroline, went and found my brother's old pickup truck from 1996."

"It was down in Louisiana, and it was still on the road. And her and my dad went down, they picked it up, brought it to Nashville, and Christmas Eve night pulled into the driveway with it. And let's just say that, yes, the tears were flowing and it will never be topped. I don't know how you'll ever top it. What an amazing moment for me and my family. It was pretty special."

The vehicle has become the "One Margarita" star's hunting truck. "When the boys see me pull up in my brother's truck, they know we're fixin' to go turkey hunting," he added.

Luke Bryan married Caroline in 2006. They have two sons together. The couple also started raising their nephew and nieces after the kids' parents passed away.

They wished their followers a happy holiday in a new picture with the whole family. The family were all smiles as they posed in front of Christmas tree and donned festive pajamas.

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