Shaggy Wants to Bring Christmas Into Fans' Homes With New Holiday Album Amid Pandemic

The 'Christmas in the Islands' singer is keen to brighten up the holiday season with his festive album amid the gloomy year because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Reggae star Shaggy is hoping fans can put their COVID concerns to one side and party with his new Christmas album.

"Christmas in the Islands", which features collaborations with Ne-Yo and Joss Stone, was a labour of love for the singer, and he hopes his joy translates.

The reggae star recorded Christmas in the Islands as a party record, hoping that restrictions on gatherings around the world would be relaxed in time for the festive season - and friends and family could chill out and celebrate the holidays with his music.

But with curfews and lockdowns still very much in effect, Shaggy is hoping his music will inspire small family parties.

"You might still have to social distance but at least you'll be bringing the party into your home," Shaggy says. "You'll put this music on, have a drink, you'll laugh with your close relatives and say, 'Hey, there is a holiday!' "

One of things he has always been looking forward to every year during the holidays was the beach parties. "This is the Christmas I've always known!" he explained. "In Jamaica, Christmas is all about the parties - the day party, night party, white party, weed party, rum party - it's about going out with your friends, hopping from parties then topping it off with great food and culture."

He's also keen to spend the jolly season with his family, "We normally have a Christmas tree up, and we'll do the presents opening then I do an amazing brunch - with all different kinds of ackee and saltfish and dumplings."

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