The 'Drop It Like It's Hot' emcee previously provoked Slim Shady with his controversial remarks during his appearance on 'The Breakfast Club' back in July, saying that Em 'had zero respect in rap.'

AceShowbiz - Snoop Dogg may have been clapping back at Eminem following his diss on the song "Zeus". Snoop, who has been making use of his Instagram account to share some inspirational quotes, appears to respond to the shade in one of his posts featuring a quote being hated.

"Back in the day if someone hated you, it meant you did something WRONG. now a days it means you did something RIGHT!!" read the quote that the "Drop It Like It's Hot" emcee shared on the photo-sharing site. Alongside that, the rapper wrote in the caption, "Carry on."

While he didn't name any name on the post, fans quickly speculated that it was Snoop's response to Eminem's diss. Suggesting the rapper to respond with a new song instead of a subliminal post, one person wrote in the comment section, "Subs are weak Snoop, pick up the mic or the phone."

Further slamming Snoop, another user added, "Eminem is twice the rapper ull ever be." Someone even thought that "Snoop is scared of Eminem," while one user believed that "em beat" him.

"I love snoop but come on u can't say s**t about someone who was brought up by the same person are u, dre built u like he did em without Dre u wouldn't be relevant just another dope rapper forgot in the 90s who didn't have the rep to stay in the eyes of the people," another person opined, referring to Dr. Dre. Meanwhile, actress Viola Davis showed a strong agreement to Snoop's quote as she wrote, "Yup!"

On the song "Zeus", which os off his surprise new album "Music to Be Murdered By - Side B", Em rapped in the third verse, "Diplomatic as I'm trying to be, last thing I need is Snoop doggin' me, man, dogg, you was like a God to me, nah, not really, I had 'dog' backwards, but I'm starting to think, all these people takin' shots at me, s***, it's no wonder."

The tension between Snoop and Em started after the former made some controversial remarks during his appearance on "The Breakfast Club" back in July. "Eminem, the great white hope. White rappers had zero respect in rap," Snoop said at the time. "Dr. Dre has probably put Eminem in the position that he would be considered one of the top 10 rappers ever. I don't think so, but the game thinks that he's [in the] top 10 lyricists and everything that comes with it. That's just because he's with Dr. Dre."

He went on adding, "There's some n****as in the 80s that he couldn't f**k with. Like Rakim, like Big Daddy Kane, like KRS-One, like LL Cool J, like Ice Cube."

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