Wack 100 Allegedly Reported to Police After Bloody Fight With Alleged Racist Men

The music executive leaves a man bloody after punching one of the guys who reportedly hurl a racial slur at him in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant.

AceShowbiz - Wack 100 got into a fist fight with two alleged racist men in a parking lot. The music executive was videotaped barehandedly fighting the two white men, who reportedly called him a racial slur, and left one of them bloody.

According to TMZ, Wack was at Primo Burgers in Lancaster, CA on Saturday, December 19 when he encountered a couple of guys were "burning rubber" behind him in the drive-thru. The Game's longtime manager asked them to stop out of fear they'd lose control of their vehicle.

But instead of complying with Wack's request, the white men allegedly told him, "Mind your f**king business [epithet]." The two guys then reportedly got out of the car and approached Wack, who also hopped out of his.

In a video capturing the confrontation, Wack was seen fending off the two guys who were coming at him. He landed his punch on a guy's head, making him fall back and bleed from above his eye. The other guy continued to confront Wack and told him to "get the f**k out of here," to which Wack replied, "You don't tell me to go nowhere, fool!"

Wack then shared the video of the fight on his Instagram page, claiming that he was the victim and was just defending himself. "I was the victim it was 2 on me and 2 approaching skin heads , I'm just not going for it been doing this way to long," he wrote in the caption.

Warning other black people of a potential similar attack, he continued, "To all black people be careful they are plotting and will try to attack you when they think your vulnerable - As a black man I was in fear of my life so I defended myself."

According to the West Coast rap manager, the two white men have reported him to police, though it's yet to be confirmed if the incident is under investigation by the authorities. "Now they have called the police playing victim. Thank God somebody pulled out a camera that new somebody I knew, stay ready please we are under attacks," he added, before deleting the post.

Wack additionally told TMZ, "It's fine," after the confrontation.

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