Sasha Obama Defended After Being Compared to Porn Star for Showing Her Belly Button

After a private picture of former president Barack Obama's younger daughter leaks online, some people criticize the 19-year-old girl for dressing sexily in the image.

AceShowbiz - Sasha Obama has caused a chatter again on Twitter though she doesn't really use social media. The daughter of former president Barack Obama has been trending on the blue bird application after her private picture leaked online.

The photo in question features the 19-year-old girl dressing sexily in a white crop top, exposing most of her midriff and belly button. Going pantless, she also flashed her pink panties which were barely covered by a white shawl tied around her waist.

After the image went viral, many criticized the University of Michigan student for her skimpy clothes. They apparently compared her to a prostitute or a porn star for the way she dressed. One of those who raised issue with Sasha's sexy outfit wrote, "I will admit that Sasha Obama is beautiful and she has a great body, that being said I think somewhere along the lines she forgot who she is and where she came from. (a worried face) That's all, end of tweet."

Sasha Obama Criticized on Twitter

A Twitter user criticized Sasha Obama's sexy clothing.

Another blamed Michelle Obama for Sasha's choice of outfit, "Y'all really can't blame Sasha Obama. Apparently, her mother Michelle, thought it was much more important to teach her about 'White Flight' than to teach her, she really shouldn't be posting pictures of herself in her underwear."

People have since come to the teen's defense, with one calling out "white supremacists" for targeting Sasha. "These white supremacists are really out here saying Sasha Obama looks like a porn star because her belly button is showing when we’ve had an actual soft porn model as FLOTUS for 4 yrs and a POTUS who bangs porn stars and pays them 6 figures in hush money?" the said person tweeted.

Another brought up Melania Trump's nude pics as writing, "Melania's completely nude modeling = 'classy and amazing!' Sasha Obama showing bellybutton = looks like a 'pornstar' and 'prostitute.' Apparently Trumpists believe black women have to stay completely buttoned up while a white woman rubbing one out in a photo is tasteful."

A third person came with a similar argument, "Trumpies: Sasha Obama is a pornstar. She looks like a prostitute. Meanwhile Melanie is actually one." A fourth one defended Sasha, "What Sasha Obama wears is her business as if of half you or your kids don’t dress the same fucking way."

Someone else clapped back at the naysayers, "Why is this old a** boring looking woman trolling Sasha Obama who is a child to her are you really that hateful that her body looks so much better than yours and if you look homely get a life please get a life."

"I don't even want to know why Sasha Obama is trending this time around especially when it's usually centered around people picking apart her life choices when she's simply a young adult wanting to have fun," another added.

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