Yung Miami Dragged On Twitter Over Insensitive Pregnancy Joke

The City Girls rapper notices the criticism, prompting her to explain that 'the pregnant joke was a hood joke my bad y'all, y'all right I'm slow,' before hinting that she's 'done with Twitter.'

AceShowbiz - Yung Miami enraged people with one of her posts on Twitter. The one-half of City Girls received huge backlash over her tweet on the blue bird app in which she appeared to shame women who have never been pregnant.

Yung Miami, who is a parent of her two kids, wrote, "If you never been pregnant that p***y garbage!!!!" Unsurprisingly, online users quickly came at the rappers as one said, "It's the ignorance for me."

"I was kind of a stupid comment. Lol," someone else reacted. Accusing her of seeking attention, a person said, "Foh she want the attention cause JT going thru it. you ask me these celebrities don't got enough heart they act as if they had."

"just because she fast don't mean the rest of us is," another person wrote. Meanwhile, someone suggested Yung Miami to "really shut up." Further slamming the femcee, another user added, "Heard you single baby mama with two different daddies. you got that good good."

However, some others thought that Yung Miami was clearly joking and the tweet was harmless. "Damn she just making jokes. Can we just cancel social media comments now," one person opined. "You'll take everything so offensively it's a joke relax," someone echoed the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Yung Miami noticed the criticism, prompting her to explain that "the pregnant joke was a hood joke my bad y'all, y'all right I'm slow." However, the hate didn't stop and it was seemingly the last straw for her. "Every time I tweet I'm offending somebody I'm done with Twitter!" so she wrote in a separate tweet, though she went on tweeting about other stuff later on.

This is not the first time Yung Miami hit back at haters. Addressing the years-long criticism over her rap skills, the raptress said she won't quit music despite fans' ridicule. "Y'all say I can't rap God said 'I can' that's why I'm doing it he put me here," so she wrote on the blue bird app on September 19. "Why would I quit and this is how I feed my family? I got two kids that’s depending on me!" she wrote.

Further hitting back at her haters, she went on to say, "Y'all don't like my verses fine DON'T listen to them idgaf cause when we have concerts it be a bunch of mf in there screaming my s**t!"

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