Aside from talking about her dream rendition of her 1974 tune, the country legend claims one of her proudest moments was Whitney Houston's 1992 take on her song 'I Will Always Love You'.

AceShowbiz - Dolly Parton wants Beyonce Knowles to cover her hit "Jolene".

So many artists have re-recorded the country queen's hits, making her a stash of cash over the years, and the 1974 tune is a favourite, but Dolly dreams of one more big hit with the track.

"Jolene has been recorded more than any other song that I have ever written," she tells The Big Issue. "It has been recorded worldwide over 400 times in lots of different languages by lots of different bands."

"The White Stripes did a wonderful job of it, and many other people. But nobody's ever had a really big hit record on it. I've always hoped somebody might do someday, someone like Beyonce."

Meanwhile, one of Dolly's proudest moments was the reaction to the late Whitney Houston's 1992 take on her song "I Will Always Love You".

"I had a number one with 'I Will Always Love You' twice - once in the 70s, then I did it in the movie 'The Best Little Whorehouse' in Texas, and had another number one in the 80s. And then Whitney did it and it was considered one of the greatest love songs of all time. Still to this day I take a lot of pride in that."

The 74-year-old made a joke about her and her marriage to Carl Thomas during her appearance in the Wednesday, December 2 episode of "Table Manners" podcast. "My husband and I have been together for 57 years and married for 54, and I'm sick of him and I'm sure he's sick of me," she quipped to English singer Jessie Ware and her mom.

Elsewhere in the chat, the "9 to 5" hitmaker additionally opened up about her weaknesses. When asked about her love for food, she lightheartedly confessed, "My weaknesses have always been men, sex and food and not necessarily in that order."

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