George Clooney Says Wife Amal Beats Him and Barack Obama on Basketball Court
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The Oscar-winning actor gushes over the esteemed human rights lawyer, who is not only an amazing international law professor as well as a devoted mom and wife, but also a great basketball player.

AceShowbiz - George Clooney could not stop gushing over his wife Amal for her amazing sports skills. In a candid new interview, the leading man/director of "The Midnight Sky" revealed that his human rights lawyer spouse managed to beat him and former President Barack Obama on a basketball court.

The 59-year-old recounted the special moment when interviewed for his People of the Year cover story. "We had a free throw-shooting contest at our house in England with the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, and she beat us all," he first divulged to PEOPLE magazine.

"Amal made 17 free throws straight - and 18 out of 20," the father of two continued recounting. Noting that he only made 12 shots out of 20, the actor portraying Major Scheisskopf in "Catch-22" said, "I was shooting like [Shaquille O'Neal] free throws - no offense to Shaq." He went on to rave, "Amal is a really good athlete."

The Oscar-winning actor further boasted about his wife's skills at sports. "She kills me - if we play six games, I'll win maybe two," he confessed. "When I was younger, I won some tennis tournaments. I played a lot of sports - I still play a lot of sports, and I can actually play [well], and Amal just beats the hell out of me."

Though his wife could beat him in such physical activities, George claimed he can win over the international law professor when it comes to a word game. "I beat her to death in Scrabble! Everyone would think that I'd be winning in pickleball and she'd be winning in Scrabble, [but] no," he bragged. " I said to her, 'You see, this is where we're breaking all the stereotypes.' "

George additionally spilled that he cooked better than his lady. "Amal has one Lebanese tradition that she hasn't been able to shake and that is she makes reservations for dinner," he pointed out. "So I'm the chef."

The "Money Monster" star also spilled on one of Amal's failed cooking attempts. "She literally put an egg in pan. She was going to hard boil an egg without any water in the pan," he spilled, before quipping, "So she can get these amazing journalists out of prison in Egypt or Azerbaijan - nobody [else] can get them out of prison – but I'm the guy in charge of the eggs, okay?"

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