Dolly Parton Jokingly Says She and Husband Carl Thomas Dean Are Sick of Each Other

In a new interview, the 74-year-old country music legend shares in a joking manner more insights into her marriage to Carl Thomas Dean, her husband of 54 years.

AceShowbiz - Dolly Parton managed to poke fun at the length of her marriage to Carl Thomas Dean. Having been married to her businessman husband for 54 years, the country music legend jokingly said in a new interview that the two of them are sick of each other.

The 74-year-old made the joke during her appearance in the Wednesday, December 2 episode of "Table Manners" podcast. "My husband and I have been together for 57 years and married for 54, and I'm sick of him and I'm sure he's sick of me," she quipped to English singer Jessie Ware and her mom.

Elsewhere in the chat, the "9 to 5" hitmaker additionally opened up about her weaknesses. When asked about her love for food, she lightheartedly confessed, "My weaknesses have always been men, sex and food and not necessarily in that order."

About how she spent her time during quarantine, Dolly mentioned that she focused on her newly-released album, "A Holly Dolly Christmas". She shared, "I'd been wanting to do a Christmas album for a while. Timing is everything and I've always been lucky with timing. It was a good time. Yes I did write a lot of the new stuff when this whole thing started."

"I also had been writing a lot of other things," she continued. "I just have to write what comes to me, and some things that don't have to do with anything. An idea will come to me if it's a love song, if it's a happy song, if it's a sad song."

"I think because I've been so emotional, and just being in tune with people and their sorrows with what's going on and I'm a very emotional sensitive person and I just write all the time. It's been great therapy for me," she added. "It's been a great release for me feeling like I'm also being productive."

Dolly also recounted her 2014 performance at the Glastonbury. "I love the UK and when we did the Glastonbury show, I felt so loved, too. So it was really a special show," she recalled. "I was kind of nervous about doing the show. I was kind of apprehensive. I knew it was a festival that was very famous."

"I knew everybody loved to party, loved their drinks, whatever," the godmother of Miley Cyrus further said. "I was like 'They're not going to pay attention cause my stuff is so many stories.' I didn't know if I would fit in […] and when I went out there, and I did, it just made me feel so happy and good."

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