'Animaniacs' Star Reacts to #BoycottWarnerBros Campaign Following Johnny Depp Joke

Prior to this, fans were attacking the show and Warner Bros. by trending the hashtag on social media after they perceived a movie poster as an apparent jab at the actor and his legal battle with Amber Heard.

AceShowbiz - Amid the huge backlash that "Animaniacs" reboot receives due to an apparent offensive joke about Johnny Depp, a star of the Hulu series has addressed the matter. In a new interview with CinemaBlend, Rob Paulsen, who voices Yakko Warner, has attempted to clear the air regarding a controversial poster of fictional movie "Johnny 2: Telling Lies".

"The truth about that is that there's a poem, a children's poem, a book called 'Lying Johnny,' or 'Johny Johny' or something like that, you can look it up," Paulsen explained about the actual meaning of the poster, which fans thought was making fun of Johnny's legal case with ex Amber Heard. "And remember, this was done a couple of years ago."

He went on saying, "And by the way, this is a background that is involved in one of the episodes. And frankly, I'm not sure which one because I don't draw them and I don't write them."

Paulsen also shared that he personally researched the joke because he's been getting heat himself following the controversial part in the episode. " 'Mr. Paulsen, how could you?' 'How could I what? What did I do?' 'Well, Johnny Depp and you know, he's being mistreated.' I don't know what people are talking about," he revealed. "So I did a little research. Well, check out 'Johny Johny.' And you know, and if you see earlier in that background shot, there's a baby eating sugar, and that's part of the children's rhyme."

Prior to this, fans were attacking the show and Warner Bros. by trending #BoycottWarnerBrothers on social media after they perceived the movie poster as a jab at the "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" star. The said poster for a fake movie titled "Johnny 2: Telling Lies" featured the actor holding a pair of scissors, which was seemingly an "Edward Scissorhands" reference.

Accusing them of portraying the actor in a bad light, one fan wrote, "Warner Brothers: this is a sick thing to do to an abuse survivor. Listen to the tapes - Johnny Depp has been put through psychological torture and physical abuse. I'm sorry that I don't find this funny, but it's no laughing matter." One other added, "As much as I liked the new Animaniacs, I can not in good conscience bring myself to support this show or Warner Brothers. It is absolutely sickening to see them use a cartoon to make fun of an Abuse victim while wholeheartedly defending the culprit."

"WTF! This is absolutely disgusting... Way to go a ruin the new Animaniac's show for me... #BoycottWarnerBrothers," another fan similarly commented.

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