Julianne Hough Hopes to Provide Realistic Romances Through New Scripted Podcast

'Transformation - Awaken' is set to air on the Meet Cute audio platform with the 'Footloose' actress portraying a character named Jennifer in the 15-minute audio romantic comedy series.

AceShowbiz - Newly-single Julianne Hough has unveiled a new scripted podcast that promotes "realistic" romances.

The "Footloose" actress, who recently filed for divorce from former ice hockey star Brooks Laich, will lead the cast for "Transformation - Awaken", which is set to air on the Meet Cute audio platform.

Hough's 15-minute audio romantic comedies will present a more down-to-earth version of love.

"I've talked to my sisters and my friends so many times being like, 'Man, romantic comedies really messed me up,' because of my expectations of what is supposed to happen, or it's just not (the) reality of what I've experienced," she tells People.com.

Meet Cute, she adds, "has been doing realistic love stories of how people meet and the truth behind it."

The star, who portrays a character named Jennifer on the series, hopes the show will resonate with viewers looking for a relationship. She describes her character, "When she has lived her life a certain way, and then actually taking time for herself to even decide who she is and what she wants in her life, really her whole life changes."

The dancer continues, "She didn't change the core of who she is, she just connected more to her truth, and what's really cool is, by the end of it, she's in such an amazing place that love really could come to her. She doesn't have to go looking for it, because she's so full."

"At the unique core (of the show) is that before you can truly step into a relationship with someone else, you want to be in your most authentic place for yourself and have that love for yourself," she says. "Because the more love you have within you, the more love you're going to be able to give and receive."

"Transformation - Awaken" is now available on Apple and Spotify, with new stories debuting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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