Jess Glynne Regrets Use of 'Discrimination' Term in Complaint Against London Restaurant

The 'Rather Be' hitmaker has been met with backlash after uploading a photo of herself wearing a designer tracksuit and venting her anger at Sexy Fish staff for refusing to seat her.

AceShowbiz - Singer Jess Glynne regrets accusing "rude" staff at top London restaurant Sexy Fish of "discrimination" on social media after they refused to seat her over the summer.

The star blasted employees at the Mayfair venue after they turned her away because she didn't meet the posh eatery's dress code policy.

The angry "Rather Be" hitmaker uploaded a photo of herself wearing a designer tracksuit and accused staff of discriminating against her, but now she tells the Daily Telegraph's Luxury magazine she wishes she hadn't posted anything at all.

"Dear @sexyfishlondon I turned up to your restaurant looking like this and you looked me and my friend up and down and said no you can't come in and your restaurant was EMPTY," she wrote at the time. "@sexyfishlondon please check yourself if this is how you treat people cause it's rude, off putting, embarrassing and most definitely not inviting. We were made to wait and 2 members of staff came to look at us and make a decision based on our appearance. I think the attitude of your staff needs to change as that was pure discrimination. Thanks and bye."

"I think it got so misconstrued," she says. "I called it 'discrimination', which was the wrong word - and it's a very sensitive time at the moment. I know discrimination is a lot bigger than that."

"I appreciate I wasn't dressed appropriately, but the reason I posted my outfit was that I was aware of what I looked like in a tracksuit and I felt as if I was treated accordingly. My point was that as a human being, you shouldn't be disregarded."

Jess received backlash from followers after posting her complaint, with some pointing out that Sexy Fish bosses make it clear on their website that people wearing sportswear will not be seated.

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