Jess Glynne 'Lost' in Herself During 'Party Year'

The 'Rather Be' singer drank and partied 'a lot' before she was encouraged to see a therapist when her mom noticed she 'wasn't healthy' because of her lifestyle.

AceShowbiz - Jess Glynne claims therapy "saved" her life. The 34-year-old singer/songwriter first began seeing a therapist in the late 2000s after a "party year" left her mother worried and she believes it has left her in "the best place."

"I drank a lot. It wasn't healthy. I was lost in myself. [My mum said] 'You're going to see someone, Jess, a therapist, because you're not talking to me and you're not helping yourself.' Therapy has literally saved my life. And I'm now in the best place in myself that I've ever been. I know who I am. I know what I want and don't want," she told You Magazine.

Jess also revealed that Amy Winehouse's public struggles and death left her "devastated." She said, "That had an impact. And when she passed - I was devastated. The way it happened... I thought, 'I never want that to be me'."

While it has been reported that Jess - who has always refused to label her sexuality - is currently dating sports presenter Alex Scott, she refused to confirm the romance. She said, "Love who you love, be you and be happy. But it's a very brutal world and outside judgment is never easy. When someone says, 'Well, what are you? Heterosexual, bisexual, queer?', I'm like, 'Why does that matter to you?' "

When asked about her "relationship" with Alex, she replied, "What relationship? But that's not even… No. I've never ever confirmed that I'm in a relationship with anyone. I've always made a conscious effort to keep something for myself. I'll never change friendships, family, relationships, those are mine."

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