Jennifer Lawrence Clears the Air Following 'Little Republican' Comment

'The Hunger Games' actress previously made headlines after she said on 'Absolutely Not' podcast that she used to be a Republican and was raised to see 'the fiscal benefits of some of the Republican policies.'

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lawrence is setting the record straight regarding her political affiliations. Nearly a week after confessing that she was a "little republican" while growing up, the Katniss Everdeen depicter in "The Hunger Games" film series made it clear that she is now a "proud" Democrat.

The 30-year-old actress sent out her clarification via Twitter on Tuesday, October 27. "I would like to clarify my voting record, which is the subject of many circulating headlines. I grew up in a republican family and voted for John McCain in 2008," she kicked off her social media message.

"But through Obama's presidency, and growing up to realize I was voting against my own rights, I am proud to say I am a Democrat," the wife of Cooke Maroney went on to declare. Using the tweet, she further endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris by adding the hashtag of "#BidenHarris".

Jennifer Lawrence's Tweet

Jennifer Lawrence clarified her political affiliations.

Jennifer's fans were quick to rally support for the actress. One individual replied, "No need for clarification, everyone evolves." Another pointed out, "You owe no one an explanation and if someone has a problem with who you voted for it is really their reflection of issues." A third sounded similar sentiment, "you really don't owe anything to anyone, baby."

The "Passengers" star's statement came after she revealed in the October 21 episode of "Absolutely Not" podcast that she used to be a Republican. "I grew up Republican. My first time voting, I voted for John McCain. I was a little Republican," she spilled to host Heather McMahan.

"I was fortunate to grow up in a Republican house where I can see the fiscal benefits of some of the Republican policies," she continued explaining. However, she then stated that she "could also see the social issues weren't in line with [her] views."

Blaming President Donald Trump for altering her political belief, Jennifer stated, "This is an impeached president who's broken many laws and has refused to condemn white supremacy, and it feels like there has been a line drawn in the sand." She stressed, "I don't want to support a president who supports white supremacists."

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