Sam Smith Accused of Catfishing on Dating App

The 'Stay with Me' hitmaker reveals his attempt at finding a boyfriend on a dating app didn't really end well as the singer talks about his single life in an interview with Andy Cohen.

AceShowbiz - Sam Smith's attempts to find love on a dating app fell flat when the singer was kicked off it after just one day.

On the advice of friends, the "Stay With Me" star checked out British dating site Hinge, but no one believed it was really him.

"I'm still single... I've gone on all the apps and stuff...," Smith said during an appearance on pal Andy Cohen's show "Watch What Happens Live". "I joined this dating site, called Hinge, in the U.K.... and they chucked me off of it after one night because they thought I was a catfish pretending to be me."

Cohen urged Smith to try popular app Tinder, stating, "I have someone who can get you on there and verify you," prompting lonely Sam to respond, "OK, I'm going to do Tinder."

Sam Smith previously dated "13 Reasons Why" star Brandon Flynn. After dating for less than a year, the couple broke up while the singer was on tour. "I'm still trying to figure out what I took from that relationship and what it meant to me. It's still quite raw," Smith said following their separation.

Even after months later, Smith still found hard to move on. While talking about a trip to Napa, the star said, "I've just gone through a breakup, just when I see couples I just wanna like poke their eyes. And Napa is very romantic, it's beautiful, it's like Tuscany. It's hard isn't it to be happy for other people when you're feeling so s**t."

Earlier this year, Smith was caught on camera cuddling and kissing French-born furniture designer Francois Rocci.

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