Kehlani Sparks Megan Thee Stallion Feud Rumors After Unfollowing Her on Instagram

The 'Gangsta' singer's move is surprising considering she previously decided to remove Tory Lanez from the deluxe version of her album 'It Was Good Until It Wasn't' to show loyalty to the Hot Girl Summer.

AceShowbiz - Has Kehlani now changed her mind? The "Good Thing" singer previously appeared to be on Megan Thee Stallion's side amid the latter's shooting drama with rapper Tory Lanez. However, it seems like Kehlani has shifted her stance in the drama as she's reportedly no longer following the Hot Girl Summer on Instagram.

Fans noticed Kehlani's eyebrow-raising move on Wednesday, October 14. "So Kehlani unfollowed Megan on IG..... Hmmm interesting," one fan pointed out. Another fan added, "Kehlani unfollowed Megan on ig after she was defending her about the Tory situation. Literally EVERYONE falling out with meg. Something ain't right."

It is indeed surprising to know that Kehlani unfollowed Meg since she previously decided to remove Tory from the deluxe version of her album "It Was Good Until It Wasn't" to show loyalty to Megan. "As someone with a large platform, as someone that people look up to, as a woman that makes other women feel safe and empowered, people were asking me, 'Are you gonna keep somebody on it who doesn't necessarily make us feel safe or empowered as a woman?' " she said during her appearance on Chicago's "WGCI" radio station in August.

"And not only that but, you know, this situation was involving someone that I [am] extremely close to, so I just felt like on some loyal s**t, and on some do the right thing, you have to be responsible. Absolutely I'm changing up the record," she added. The "Gangsta" singer continued, "It was business and it was also loyalty to a situation. This is not an industry friendship. That's really my friend and someone I say I love you to."

Tory slammed Kehlani for his exclusion on "Bittersweet" off his new album "DAYSTAR". "And these R&B singer women you called, all your friends choose/ Kehlani hops on the news like it was somethin' to prove/ Like me and her wasn't cool when I been friends with you for six years," the Canadian musician rapped. "Plus, plus the crew and we can Google picture proof/ Got my phone number too, you coulda called me/ But you movin' like we ain't even crew, and you'd not rather hear my views?"

He also mentioned that he held her newborn in his arms, before spitting bars, "But KK, back to you, let me tell you who's/ How to move, this is what you do/ If you wanna take that stance, then that's cool/ But we gon' do this with some rules."

There are a lot of theories circulating around regarding Megan and Tory's violent altercation in July. Some people believed in Megan's claims and blasted Tory for portraying Megan as a liar. Some others thought that the drama had something to do with Megan's ex-BBF Kelsey, saying that she was actually the one who pulled the trigger on Megan. Meanwhile, another theory accused the "Savage" hitmaker of not telling the truth about the incident.

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