Quavo Goes Viral After Revealing the 'Corny' Pick-Up Line He Used to Snatch Saweetie

Sharing on Twitter a screenshot of the very first messages he sent to the 'Icy Girl' rapper, the Migos member can be seen making a reference to her hit song, 'U so icy ima glacier boy.'

AceShowbiz - It's been years since Quavo started dating Saweetie, but he never forgets the pick-up line he used to shoot his shot at her back in the day and decides to reveal it online. As a result of that, the Migos member found his name trending on social media as some people called him corny, while some others decided to try using similar pick-up lines to no avail.

He took to Twitter on Wednesday, October 7 to share a screenshot of the very first message he sent to Saweetie on Instagram. Quavo slid into her DMs by sending a snowflake emoticon, to which the female emcee replied with a ramen emoji. "U so icy ima glacier boy," he replied back, referring to Saweetie's hit song "Icy Girl". His pick-up line was reciprocated, as she responded, "Was hannin then."

In the caption of the post, Quavo wrote, "HOW I PULLED UP: HOW WE COMING," along with a crying-laughing emoticon.

His post quickly went viral as more than 40,000 people retweeted it. Not a few started trying out the same thing, though the result was not as great as Quavo. "The minute i send a snow she gon reply with a fire emoji followed by 'melt tf out my dms,' " one explained, as one other pointed out, " 'U so icy ima glacier boy' is a pickup line only Quavo can use successfully. Y'all stop trying to measure that man's success by regular standards, lol."

Some others called his pick-up line "corny," but they admitted Quavo has the rights to do that because he is rich. "Lol quavo had that bag he can say some corny s**t like that and bag saweetie," an online user said, as a number of people pointed out that Saweetie has also taken interest in Quavo so that's why his pick-up line worked. "This whole quavo thing only confirms that the corny dms only work when she already thinks u cute bc ain't no way," another wrote.

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