YFN Lucci Ridiculed for Saying He Paves Way for 'New Lil Rappers'

The rapper takes to Instagram Stories to write, 'I made a way for all yal new lil rappers,' before adding, 'Don't ever get s**t confused and I'll f**k some s**t up real quick.'

AceShowbiz - Even though YFN Lucci has been in the industry for quite a long time and made a name for himself in the process, people still don't think that he's popular enough nationwide. So when the rapper claimed on Tuesday, October 6 that he paved the way for new rappers, not a few started ridiculing him.

He made the claim on Instagram Stories. "I made a way for all yal new lil rappers," the Atlanta rapper wrote on the photo-sharing site. "Don't ever get s**t confused and I'll f**k some s**t up real quick."

His post soon garnered attention as a lot of people mocked him for even thinking that he was popular enough to pave the way for rookies. "I've never heard someone say 'aye play that new lucci'.. just saying," an online user sarcastically said. "How and you're barely famous. The delusion at an all time highly today, I'm logging off," another commented.

Someone else admitted to never hearing anything about Lucci until he dated Reginae Carter, as one other echoed the sentiment, "Really??? Nobody knew him until Reginae and still didn't know his music but ok." Some others were confused because they believed Lucci is one of the "new lil rappers," while another person had this to say, "Who exactly he put on? Just because you messed with resume don't mean you lil Wayne now."

"What hit put him on? Cuz I don't think I ever heard any of his music...I'm being serious no shade," one person had the same opinion as others. In the meantime, an individual said, "For whom? What did you do? You've been known for like 3 years . Y'all want more respect than you’ve earned. Haven’t put in enough work yet." Meanwhile, another pointed out, "His own career hasn't even made its way out of Atlanta."

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