Drake's Leaked Song Finds Him Confessing He Used to Date SZA in 2008

The Canadian superstar can be heard rapping on his 21 Savage and Metro Boomin collab 'Mr. Right Now', 'Yeah, said she wanna f**k to some SZA, wait/ 'Cause I used to date SZA back in '08.'

AceShowbiz - Drake is apparently going to be featured in 21 Savage and Metro Boomin's "Savage Mode 2" album, and it looks like he makes some shocking revelation about his love life. Hours prior to the release of the highly-anticipated album, one of the songs off the record has been leaked online and found Drake confessing to dating SZA in the past.

Titled "Mr. Right Now", the song features Savage rapping in the chorus, "Ayy, turn your phone off (Straight up), take your clothes off (Straight up)/ I'm a savage but I f**k her to a slow song (Straight up)/ Turn the lights down (Straight up), lay the pipe down (Straight up)/ I ain't Mr. Right but I'm Mr. Right Now (21)," before passing the baton to Drake.

In his own verse, the Canadian superstar spits his bars, "Turn your phone off, take your clothes off/ I'm a sav', but I f**k her to a slow song." His next lines shock a lot of people as he rhymes, "Yeah, said she wanna f**k to some SZA, wait/ 'Cause I used to date SZA back in '08."

As mentioned above, people were shocked after listening to the leaked song, considering that the singer should be around 17 should what the rapper said is true. "drake stans tryin to cover for him by saying sza lied abt her age. you cant make this s**t up," one person weighed in. "Drake was like 21+? Why he bragging about/mentioning 18 year old SZA?" an individual wondered, while someone else commented, "When you find out how old SZA was throughout 2008, versus how old Drake was around that time, that makes this line even more bizarre."

Besides "Mr. Right Now", "Savage Mode 2" will feature other songs such as "Many Men" and "Rip Luv". It is scheduled to hit the stores on Friday midnight, October 2.

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