'Cake Boss' Star Buddy Valastro Recalls Thinking Freak Hand Accident Was Only 'Nightmare'

Detailing the extent of the damage caused by a metal rod that impaled his right hand, the celebrity chef says his thumb was 'shattered' and he 'might not ever be able to pipe again.'

AceShowbiz - Buddy Valastro has offered more details about the freak accident that severely injured his dominant right hand. Days after revealing that he is recovering from surgeries to fix his arm, the "Cake Boss" star recalled thinking he was having a "nightmare" when the incident took place at his home.

On Monday, September 28, the 43-year-old joined Entertainment Tonight via Zoom to talk about his horrifying experience. "Me and my son were downstairs in the basement and we were playing in the bowling alley," he began recounting. "The pinsetter got stuck, which has happened a million times, so I went behind to go fix it."

"When I got on top, I must have turned my head for one moment and then it was like this fork that held my hand in place as this mechanism went through my hand," the father of four further detailed. "It was the most painful, brutal thing that I can't even explain."

The celebrity chef admitted that it took time for him to finally realize that the unfortunate event was real. "It's crazy because at first I thought it was fake. I thought I was having a nightmare," he admitted. "There was blood everywhere and I was in panic mode, but something told me to stop. Something told me, 'We have to get off the machine.' "

Valastro further shared that he then ordered his brother-in-laws and one of his sons to "go get the saw and the pliers." He elaborated, "They removed the pin and cut this thing so that I could be free of the machine. I still had the rod in my hand, but we were able to get into the driveway before the ambulance got there, then we went to the hospital."

"Honestly I couldn't be prouder of my sons and my family and what they did," he noted as he expressed gratitude to his supportive family. "They stood by me and were able to set me free. The longer that rod was in my hand, the longer the chance I could've lost my hand or even worse. It was crazy."

Asked about his condition post-operation, the "Bake You Rich" host pointed out, "I've gotten so many well wishes and love and support from fans from all over the world. It really touched my heart, and [it's] really keeping me on the positive side." He noted, "Right now I'm at my house. I'm still recovering. The hand is OK."

Speaking about how the injury might affect his career, Valastro confessed, "I might not ever be able to pipe again. I don't know." He added, "Unfortunately, I might have to learn to do it with my other hand, you just don't know. It's one of those things that only time and rehabilitation will [tell]... and God, really."

During the chat, the owner of Carlo's Bakery noted that "it's definitely going to be months" for him to recover from the injury. He went on to suggest, "I might need more surgeries because not only did the rod go through the hand, but as the mechanism was moving, it shattered my thumb. I had damage on my thumb and nerve damage on my thumb as well."

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