'Cake Boss' Star Buddy Valastro's Hand Is 'Coming Along' After 5th Surgery

After his dominant hand was repeatedly impaled by a metal rod in a freak accident, the celebrity chef offers an exciting update about his recovery, claiming that he has gained back 75 percent of his strength.

AceShowbiz - Buddy Valastro is giving fans an exciting update on his hand's recovery. More than six months after his dominant hand was repeatedly impaled by a metal rod in a freak accident, the "Cake Boss" star claimed that his hand is "coming along" post-fifth surgery.

When making a virtual appearance on the Tuesday, April 13 episode of "The Rachael Ray Show", the 44-year-old told host Rachael Ray that he is "feeling good." With a broad smile across his face, he added, "My hand is coming along. I had my fifth surgery about a month ago and it was a huge success."

On what he defined as a success, Valastro explained, "I definitely have a lot more of my mobility back." During the interview, he also demonstrated an improved range of motion that he could do with his injured hand. As he practiced some movement for the camera, he stated, "I can make like a whole fist [and] I can make all my fingers straight."

Valastro went on to assure, "And I have I would say about 75 percent of my strength back, so it's coming along." Though so, the father of four did note that he is still in his journey to recovery as he pointed out, "But I'm still in physical therapy, and you know, just doing really well."

In September 2020, Valastro injured his dominant hand while bowling with his family at their in-home bowling alley. The incident happened when the famous baker tried to repair a malfunction with the bowling pinsetter. His right hand became trapped in the machine, and a metal rod impaled his hand three times between his ring and middle fingers.

After the freak accident, Valastro opened up to "Today" about the potentially serious effects of his injury. "I'm trying to stay positive, still recovering," he said at the time. "There's still a lot of pain, it was a freak crazy thing... if it would've hit my wrist, forget about it. I would've bled out."

In November 2020, Valastro told PEOPLE that he wasn't sure if he was "ever going to be able to ice a cake the same way or be as fast as" he was before the accident. Months later and after numerous surgeries, he is able to demonstrate some cake icing techniques for Rachel on her show.

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