Ari Fletcher Looks Stressed as MoneyBagg Yo Gets Dead Drunk During Birthday Bash

Despite looking stressed during Bagg's birthday dinner with his friends, the mom of one latter surprises her rapper boyfriend with a brand new Maybach when they're about to go home.

AceShowbiz - Fans got to see a different side of MoneyBagg Yo on Tuesday, September 22. Known for his rather calm attitude, the rapper got dead drunk when he celebrated his birthday with friends and his girlfriend, Ari Fletcher, who documented the whole thing through an Instagram Live stream.

During the Live session, Ari could be seen attempting to calm Bagg down to no avail as he kept being loud. Looking stressed, she put both her hands on her head before continuing to eat and tried not to mind what Bagg did beside her. At one point, Bagg snatched her phone and started rambling on camera.

"Where the Hot sauce at? I'm a Ghetto n***a," so he said, before adding, "Guess how much her steak was? YOU B****ES RENT" In addition to that, the "Brain Dead" rapper bragged about his $2700 vest that he wore to the bash.

Drunk Bagg was not the only highlight of the bash. Later, when they were about to go home, Ari surprised him with a brand new Maybach. Bagg was clearly happy with the gift because he could be seen in a video saying, "This lady differentttt, lamb p***y, maybach d**k." He then added, "These b****es ain't neva bought me nun, not even a Vienna sausage!"

It arrived after Ari seemed to go on a rant about her relationship with Bagg. "I promise to God I'll never put nobody else's happiness before mine except my son," she said on Twitter, prompting one of her followers to ask her what happened. Ari did not reply to the said user, though another person offered an explanation, "Bagg left her in the hotel to run the Vegas streets."

Someone else then asked whether she planned on getting married in the future, to which she outrightly said no. In a separate tweet, the mom of one wrote, "Sometimes you can't be mad at nobody but yourself."

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